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Rentokil Wasp Traps (pack of 2 small traps)

Rentokil Wasp Traps (pack of 2 small traps)

The Rentokil Wasp Traps are rather versatile traps that can be used on a flat surface or may be suspended from a bush or tree, or post and hook.

These traps do not come with liquid bait.

Can be baited with beer, fruit juice, sugar solution or water and honey. Adding a few drops of detergent can help stop escapees!!!

Place in a quiet sunny area if possible, away from where people are congregating in order that wasps are not attracted to where you don't really want them.

You will probably not clear a wasp problem with trapping but you should be able to strategically place the traps so that any stray wasps are attrected to the traps, rather than where you are having a barbecue!!

Price: 5.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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